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On 4/24/19, the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office conducted Operation Clean House. This operation took aim at the jail inmates and their cells. The operation was centered around finding any and all contraband located inside of the jail and on any inmate. Length of the operation was approximately two hours. The listed contraband that is now rid from the jail and the inmates:

  1. Makeshift tattoo equipment

  2. Prescription medication not taken as prescribed

  3. Tobacco, smoking related items

  4. Makeshift weapons/small pieces of metal

  5. Fermented liquid (Buck)

  6. Small metal box containing a small amount of cocaine in a common area

Sheriff Stephen stated, “Overall this operation was very successful and much needed. Thanks to all those involved for their dedication and effort given for this operation. You can look for more of this type of activity to follow.”

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