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Public Service

located in Main Office
hours: 9am-4pm
phone: 763-3117


Background Checks
located in Main Office
hours: 8am-5pm
phone: 763-3117

Inmate Visitation
located in Jail Reception
phone: 357-5340
hours 10:30 - 5:30 to make an appointment

Florida Public Service Commision
My Florida

Report criminal activity/info
main line: 863-763-3117
TIP Line: none
Online Form

Sexual Offender Registration & Career Offender Registration
located at Main office
phone: 763-3117 ext. 5100
hours: 8am-4:30pm

Felony Registration
located at Jail
phone: 357-5343

Okeechobee County Florida
Florida Power Light
Okeechobee Utility Authority
Okeechobee County School District

Civil Process Fees (Non-Refundable & Due at time of request for service)

Sex Offender Registration--------------------------------------------------------NO FEE

Injunctions----------------------------------------------------------------------------NO FEE

Baker/Marchman Acts------------------------------------------------------------ NO FEE

Child Custody Orders------------------------------------------------------------- NO FEE

All Summons
(Includes writs not requiring a Levy or seizure & subpoenas)--------- $40.00

Writ of Possession----------------------------------------------------------------- $90.00

Writ of Replevin
(Includes Pre-judgement writ of replevin)------------------------------------ $90.00
Writ of Bodily Attachment-------------------------------------------------------- $90.00

Levy Fees (Subject to change)

Personal Property ----------------------------------------------------------------- $1,000.00
Real Property ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $800.00

Florida Department of Health
Raulerson Hospital
Clerk of Circuit Court & Comptroller
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