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National Lutheran Schools Week

This is National Lutheran Schools Week. Teachers Ms. Bianchini and Ms. Robedeau and their students of Peace Lutheran Church, chose the Sheriff’s Office to recognize. The students made signs to show their appreciation of law enforcement for keeping Okeechobee safe. Along with the great signs, we were treated to a delicious cake and apple pie.

Thank you so much Peace Lutheran!

Michele Bell, PIO

Pictured back: Lt. Randy Thomas, Ms. Robedeau, Felony Clerk Stephanie Rogers, Warrants Clerk Krystal Payne, Misdemeanor Clerk Denise Sikorski, Det. Ted Van Deman, Ms. Bianchini and Capt. Shannon Peterson

Front: Det. Javier Gonzalez, Lt. Jimmy Mills, Lt. Chris Hans and Community Relations D/S Jack Nash

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