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There have been multiple postings on numerous social media sites regarding a school shooting occurring in Okeechobee County.

Sheriff Noel E. Stephen stated, “Our office has spent the last several days dealing with an inappropriate racial comment made on social media that spilled into our high school. My deputies and school officials went to work to identify the source of the rumor. We were quickly redirected to deal with fights between students because the same inappropriate statement was being manifested by social media. Arrests have been made.

We now have the same social media manifesting a “guns in school” and a “guns at fair’ statement. Both Chief Peterson and I have all our resources working these statements. We have found no substantiating facts to support these “rumors” at this time and are diligently working to exhaust each one of these “rumors”.

All schools have been made aware of threats and appropriate security measures have been implemented and enhanced to assure our children’s safety is first and foremost.”

No further information to be released at this time.

Michele Bell, PIO

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