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Recently Sheriff Noel E. Stephen was contacted by a Secret Santa who wished to donate $1000 in order to make a complete Christmas for a local family. Sheriff Stephen contacted Tobi Cross at the Healthy Families Program thru Helping People Succeed. Ms. Cross and Family Support Worker Alex Navarrete knew of a family that would be the perfect recipient. That family is the Foreman-Deskins family, which includes mom Darla Foreman-Deskins, dad Matthew Deskins, 2 1/2 year old Korbyn and 5 month old Elijah. Darla was totally taken by surprise and wished to thank her Secret Santa on behalf of her and her family.

Sheriff Stephen stated, “Acts of kindness and caring such as this are what makes us love our community!!!!!”

Thank you Secret Santa!

Michele Bell, PIO

(Pictured Santa Bear, Sheriff Stephen, Darla, Elijah, Alex and Korbyn)

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