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Golf Cart Information

Golf Cart Information

Are golf carts permitted to drive on public sidewalks?

 “No motor vehicle can be driven on a public sidewalk. A golf cart is only allowed on the sidewalk in the immediate area of a golf course and then only to cross from one portion to the other.

Is a golf cart street legal in Florida?

 No. Only registered vehicles are allowed on the roadways in Florida unless specifically designated by the local county or municipal government (which Okeechobee County does not) and must only be roadways of 35 MPH or less.

What is the difference between a golf cart and a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)?

 Under Florida law, a golf cart is designed for recreational use on a golf course. Usually they are limited to speeds of less than 20mph. In contrast, a LSV, sometimes referred to as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is defined using certain state and federal regulations and must be capable of exceeded 20 MPH but not to exceed 25 MPH.

What Florida law regulates golf cart use?

 Florida State Statute (FSS) 316.212

What is the penalty for driving a golf cart illegally on the roadways or sidewalks?

 Operating a golf cart on a public roadway or sidewalk is a noncriminal moving violation of which the fine can be up to $133.00 and possible impoundment of the golf cart.

Sheriff Noel Stephen wants to keep all members of our community safe. This information is meant to help our community members understand the laws of Florida and Okeechobee County. Please feel free to contact Public Relations specialist Jack Nash with any questions regarding this topic at 863-634-9108.

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