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Puppies, puppies everywhere...

I was contacted back in March, 2018 by Ms. Darleen Currier and she told me that she sews stuffed puppies. She asked if we would like some to give to the children that come in contact with the Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives. I told her Absolutely!!! She wanted each deputy/detective to have their own bag of puppies and be able to bring all of them at the same time.

Fast forward four short months. Ms. Currier and her son, Marc Cox, delivered 315 puppies last week. The puppies were divided into bags of five each. Each bag will be placed in each car and distributed to the children that we come into contact with. Ms. Currier said she made them day and night for the last four months.

Each puppy is beautiful and is sure to put a smile on a child’s face!

Thank you Ms. Currier!

Michele Bell, PIO

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