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Don't forget your fur babies

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Make sure to take extra caution during your holiday celebrations

Sun Safety: Protect your skin against the sun with SPF, and drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration

Water safety: Make sure everyone near water in pools, ponds, lakes or the ocean has the proper skills to swim, keep an eye on young children and check flotation devices for leaks

Grilling Safety: Check to make sure your grill is in proper working order, don’t ignite charcoal with gasoline or lighter fluid, use heat resistant tools and never lean over an open flame

Fireworks Safety: Stay a safe distance away from any fireworks display. Be mindful of children with sparklers, as the wire remains hot enough to burn skin even after the sparks have ended

Family Safety: Over 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 each year. No one ever thinks they will be one of those calls. Create your Safety Profile at to prepare yourself for any emergency

And don’t forget your fur babies:

Leave your pet at home

Provide a safe spot from loud noises

Use pet-friendly insect repellants and sunscreens

Have your pet properly identified

NEVER use fireworks around pets

Have a Happy Fourth of July and be safe!

Michele Bell, PIO

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