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Quilts of Honor

Saturday, May 19th, 2018 was National Armed Forces Day. Freedom Ranch is the host for this annual event in Okeechobee County. This year four deputies from the Sheriff’s Office received a Quilt of Honor. What is a Quilt of Honor, you ask?

The journey began in 2005 made up of volunteers that provide patriotic quilts to those service members touched by war. Several quilts were given over the years and in April 2010, the passion and mission for providing comfort and healing to our warriors and veterans had grown and Quilts of Honor was formed, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healing, loving quilts to those who have served in harm’s way protecting our freedoms. Quilts of Honor are made by the loving hands of countless volunteers who wish to thank those who have served and to honor their service and sacrifice.

Four OCSO deputies received a quilt made especially for them. Receiving their quilts were Deputy Jack Nash, Deputy Quinton Speed and Lt. Shane Snyder. Deputy Steven Pollock was unable to attend the ceremony but was given his quilt at a later time.

It was a great experience attending this year and hearing a few stories from some of the veterans. Listening to these men and women and what they endured make you stop and give thanks for the Freedoms we have today.

To all Veterans, thank you for your Service!

Michele Bell, PIO

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