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Aren't you thankful...

So thankful to live in Okeechobee! This is a little story that will make you say the same thing…

Sheriff Noel E. Stephen received a phone call at 9:00 pm Monday night. The voice on the other end was that of an anonymous citizen that asked for his help. She was quite upset. Of course Sheriff Stephen immediately thought something was wrong. “What can I do for you Ms. Anonymous?

She began by saying that she knew of a 13-year old boy in the SW section of Okeechobee that just loved basketball. Every night he is outside playing basketball, getting better every day. The only thing is, the basketball hoop that he plays with is old and dilapidated. She wanted to do something for him and asked for the Sheriff’s help.

It turns out she wanted to purchase a new basketball hoop for the boy. Sheriff Stephen went the next day and purchased it for her and then he had it installed for the boy.

Yesterday that 13-year old came home from school and saw his new basketball hoop. He immediately ran to Ms. Anonymous’ house and kept thanking her and asking what he could do to repay her? Her only response was, “Stay in school, get good grades and behave!”

Now, aren’t you thankful you live in Okeechobee?

Thank you Ms. Anonymous and Sheriff Stephen!

Michele Bell, PIO

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