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Foggy morning


With the recent fog we’ve had in the last couple of days, please heed the following safety tips:

*Turn on headlights; Use low beam headlights and fog lights.

Do not use high beams.

*Slow down and do not drive faster than your


*Increase following distance to ensure enough reaction time and stopping distance.

*Use windshield wipers and defroster as necessary

to maximize visibility.

*Be ready for emergency stops by other vehicles.

*Turn off your cruise control so you are in control

of your vehicle.

*Use the right edge of the road or roadside

reflectors as a guide.

*Listen for traffic you can’t see.

*Do not change lanes or pass other vehicles, unless

absolutely necessary.

• Remember that other drivers have limited sight

distance and that fog makes the road wet.

*Signal early, and when you use your brakes, don’t

stomp on them.

*Watch out for slow-moving and parked vehicles.

*Remember to practice safety. Don’t learn it by


Be safe!

Michele Bell, PIO

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