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Operation Deadbolt

Florida Sheriffs Association Operation Deadbolt

Auto and home burglaries occur in every jurisdiction, and dedicating consistent enforcement is difficult with the increased responsibilities law enforcement is tasked with every day. Deploying resources in the most efficient manner to affect the greatest return is one strategy of enforcement. Operation Deadbolt did just that. The Florida Sheriffs Association Taskforce operation, conducted between June 12 and August 5, 2017, focused on areas affected by residential burglaries with forced entry, and directed resources to those areas using a highly coordinated Intelligence Led Policing (ILP). The operation served as a public awareness effort to deter the rise of burglaries in Florida. Through this effective summer operation, the Florida Sheriffs successfully identified suspects and reduced the amount of residential burglaries occurring in the focus areas.

“Operation Deadbolt was an opportunity for participating Florida Sheriff’s Offices to focus on the issue of burglaries in our communities through the use of contemporary ILP strategies” said FSA Task Force Chair and Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff William Prummell. “I believe that by engaging and educating residents about the issue and how to better protect their property, the success of Operation Deadbolt will continue long past the end of the reporting period.”

Operation Deadbolt focused on decreasing burglary crime rates and improving the overall living conditions in the targeted areas. Other goals of this program are to provide effective support, training, and information exchange for Florida Sheriffs, to promote public awareness about developments in law enforcement, and to protect Florida’s future by promoting public support of services focused on the youth of our state.

“At the Florida Sheriffs Association, we are dedicated to promoting public safety,” said FSA President and Walton County Sheriff, Michael A. Adkinson, Jr.. “Through this operation and future initiatives, we will strive to make a significant impact in our communities and in our state.”

During the reporting period for Operation Deadbolt, the 23 participating counties reported 4,844 burglaries, 387 firearms stolen, $507,620 in stolen goods recovered, and 630 arrests.

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