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Story Book Forest

On 4/23/2017, the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office once again took part in the 2nd Annual Story Book Forrest. During this event children heard stories from numerous business owners and government entities.

Representing the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office was Sherry Pollard. Mrs. Pollard read about the “Pout…Pout Fish”. It’s a wonderful children’s book which tells the tale of a frumpy, grumpy fish that goes through life only to find out that he alone controls his happiness. By the end of the book he becomes a fish that has more happiness than one could ever imagine simply by having a positive outlook and being kind to others.

During this event Wyatt (7) and Waylon (8) both won bicycles furnished by the O.C.S.O. at the event. Shown with Sheriff Stephen is Dewey James who took possession of the bicycles and helmets for the two who were in school today. Mr. Dewey was quoted after thanking everyone that, “(the) Sheriff sure made two little boys very happy today when they get home from school!”.

During each event of this centennial year the chance to win a bicycle is being offered to all children that attend each event. This will take place through a raffle which will cost the child nothing but a few moments of their time.

How to enter?

Come by the Sheriff’s Office event tent at any community. Children must fill out a small ticket with their name and contact number (a family member can help them fill it out if needed of course). At the end of the event Sheriff Stephen or his designee will draw and name of the winner and it will be announced at that event.

At the end of the year all children that did not win a bicycle will be placed into one last raffle where four bicycles will be given to four deserving children.

Special note: Sheriff Noel Stephen has made available these surplus bicycles that were received utilizing a grant to promote bicycle safety through the community, that grant is no longer funded. Each winner can choose between a smaller sized uni-sexed youth bike or a uni-sexed youth beach cruiser (as the supply allows) Each winner will also receive a OSHA approved helmet with EACH bicycle.

Our next event will be the Okeechobee Centennial Event May 6, 2017 at which time we will be giving away 4 bicycles and helmets with an additional 2 bicycles and helmets at the BBQ event for a grand total of 6!

We will have several other fun items to include the SWAT Dress-up and picture event and "goodies bag" for the kids and few other items of interest for the public to view. If you have any questions feel free to contact Deputy Jack Nash of the Community Relations & Training Division 863-763-3117 Ext 5018.

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