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Okeechobee Musicfest 2017

People attending the Okeechobee Musicfest 2017 were warned prior to entering the premises that Law Enforcement K-9s were being utlitized to search vehicles for illegal drugs. Amnesty boxes were also strategically placed where the attendees could discard any illegal narcotics prior to being searched by K-9.

The contents in the amnesty boxes along with narcotics found in the vehicles or upon a person were confiscated. The following is a list of such items of contraband:

6 pounds hydroponic marijuana

150 hits of LSD

50 capsules of Molly

150 paraphernalia items such as pipes bongs and marijuana grinders

1 ounce of marijuana resin

200 pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes

30 LSD dip cigarettes

2 pounds of edible marijuana cookies and brownies etc.

14 g of cocaine HCl

12 g of meth

100 hits of Ecstasy

25 marijuana candies like gummy bears

10 g of liquid LSD

10 g of powder mollies

Five sets of digital scales

1 1/2 ounce mushrooms

57 nitrous oxide whippets

Various prescription medication such as Xanax and oxycodone.

All numbers are only estimates.

There was a total of (21) individuals that attended the four day festival that were arrested.

Sheriff Noel E. Stephen stated, “We welcome anyone that travels to Okeechobee for the musicfest and encourage them to enjoy the festival, however we will do all we can to eliminate as many drugs coming into Okeechobee County. With the help of assisting agencies, the weekend searches resulted in a large amount of narcotics taken off the streets. I’d like to thank the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement(FDLE), Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) and Okeechobee City Police Department.”

No further information to be released at this time.

Michele Bell, PIO

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