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Tis the Reason for the Season...

I recently met two very special young ladies in the DARE speech contest at North Elementary. Each of them had a great speech they had prepared and I believe one day both will be some type of public speaker!

While talking to them I learned a little about both. First there was Anatalia Navarrete, age 10. Anatalia talked about several things that she wanted for Christmas. Most of all, to go to Mexico.

Then there was Ryleigh Carter, age 11. Ryleigh didn’t have to think twice. She wanted a guitar for Christmas.

I went home that day and kept thinking about both of them. The next day I contacted SRO Deputy Steve McKinley. Deputy McKinley contacted both girls’ parents for permission to take their pictures.

Although it wasn’t possible to send Anatalia to Mexico, we were able to give her a gift card for her to spend as she likes.

Ryleigh’s wish was easier to fulfill.

The excitement on their face was worth a million words. Tis the Reason for the Season…

Thanks Deputy McKinley. Great job girls!


Michele Bell, PIO

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