NewStar1The Board of Directors of the Skip Bryant Memorial Fund would like to take this opportunity to thank the community and all supporting businesses that sponsored or donated to the 21 years of successful golf tournaments. The Board also thanks all participants and volunteers that helped annually. All of these people made it possible for the fund to award (61) children of law enforcement/firefighters with scholarship assistance in the amount of $200,640.00. These same efforts offered aid, in their time of need, to (85) law enforcement/firefighter families in the amount of $94,231.91. The fund has been awarding scholarships and aid funds since 1992 when it was formed. It is names in honor of Skip Bryant who died in the line of duty November 8, 1991.

The Board voted to change the operation of the fund to only include aid in their time of need, to law enforcement/firefighter families. In the past several years, the fund-raising part of the effort has become increasingly labor intensive. In order for the fund to still remain in operation, scholarships will no longer be awarded. The annual golf tournament will not take place. But the fund is still tax deductible and will accept donations. Fund-raisers will occur from time to time as needed. The Board will still operate and meet as usual making decisions on aid disbursements.

Current scholarship recipients will receive a two semester payout. This will give them a year to look for and obtain other scholarship assistance. Sheriff May was quoted as saying that this was very generous and he had not heard of this being done by any other organization.

Current Board members are Sheriff Paul C. May, Undersheriff Noel Stephen, Okeechobee City Police Chief Denny Davis, CPA Mike Costopoulos, and Virginia (Ginny) Bryant. On behalf of the current Board members, we would like to thank each and everyone for their continued support of the Skip Bryant Memorial Fund. Questions, concerns or suggestions can be directed to these individuals.