Sheriff Paul C. May is proud to announce the "Employees of the 2nd Quarter" of 2014.

Five employees were recognized for the second quarter of 2014. There are four categories for which employees may be recognized: Administration Employee, Citizen Volunteer, Detention Deputy and Law Enforcement. The recipients are as follows:

Administration Employees –Jason Knapp and Joseph Smith
Citizen Volunteer – Morgan Lumpkin
Detention Deputy – Sgt. Iris Marrero
Law Enforcement – Cpl. Randy Thomas


Jason and Joseph were nominated by Lt. Brad Stark. "Both have been busy with renovating the computer system throughout the agency. Joseph has just recently taken care of issues with the cellular phone backup system and installed programs that have been needed by investigations. Both Jason and Joseph are easy to contact and pleasant to talk with while discussing technical issues", stated Lt. Stark.

Morgan was nominated by Lt. Scott Deloney who stated, "Mr. Lumpkin and the other volunteers of More 2 Life have worked hard to help reach the inmates of the Okeechobee County Jail. His program has been so well received by the inmates that Mr. Lumpkin comes in more than once a week so that all the inmates are able to attend. I want to say thanks to Morgan Lumpkin who tries to help and hopefully reach at least one person. If more people were like him this world would be a better place."

Iris was nominated by Cpl. Stacy Ellerbee. "I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Sgt. Marrero for her outstanding work performance that she reflects on a daily basis during her tour of duty. Sgt. Marrero is a Sergeant that is often referred to as a "Working Sergeant". Sgt. Marrero projects a positive attitude that promotes teamwork throughout the jail and by this she influences staff to project a similar outlook on their job assignment," stated Cpl. Ellerbee.

Randy was nominated by Captain Gary Bell who stated, "I would like to take this time to commend Randy on a case that was a domestic call that was serious in nature. His quick thinking and use of a skill that he learned resulted in the arrest of a person that deserved just that. It's always a pleasure when I hear of one of our own using good sense and thinking a plan out and then carrying out that plan. Thanks for the good work and Stay Safe."

Congratulations to all of you.