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No drinking under 21

The Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted “Operation Beer Buy”. Alcohol compliance checks were conducted at random establishments, where an underage person was sent into stores with instructions to attempt to purchase alcohol. These compliance checks are done periodically to make sure the merchants, who sell alcohol, check I.D.’s if there’s any chance the buyer is underage.

Seven establishments were checked and two of those sold alcohol to the underage person. The bartenders at the Brahma Bull and Shenanigans were issued a Notice to Appear in court.

The establishments that were checked are as follows:

Brahma Bull Restaurant, 2405 Hwy. 441 SE

Shenanigans, 2237 Hwy 98 N

Kahootz Draft House, 702 NW Park Street

Good Spirits, 245 Hwy 441 SE

Cowboy’s, 202 NE 7 Avenue

Beef O’Brady’s, 608 S. Parrott Avenue

Parrott Island Grill, 1001 S. Parrott Avenue

Sheriff Noel E. Stephen stated, “These type of waves have to be done in order to maintain a proactive approach on enforcement. I will continue to conduct these operations to ensure the safety of our youth in our community. It is my hope and prayer that one day no summons or citations will be issued.”

We would like to express our gratitude to those places that did not serve the underage person and for their compliance with the law. We will continue to conduct these operations from time to time.

Michele Bell, PIO

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