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The Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office has been inundated with calls in reference to speeding and reckless drivers on NE 144 Street (Dark Hammock Road) from Highway 441 North to NE 128 Avenue (dump road) south to Highway 710, and continuing south to the county line. Sheriff Noel E. Stephen collaborated with Waste Management and devised a “Waste Management Traffic Detail”.

This detail was in operation four separate days in the month of July by two off-duty deputies being compensated for their salaries by Waste Management. A total of (86) traffic stops were made, resulting in (46) citations being written, (39) warnings being given and (1) arrest.

As a reminder the speed limit from Highway 441 North/Dark Hammock Road, south to Highway 70 is 45 mph. The speed limit from Highway 70 south to Highway 710 is 50 mph.

Michele Bell, PIO

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