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Jenny and Samantha

Do you remember the story of the little female puppy that was thrown over the fence at Animal Control in January, 2017?

Nalas New Life Rescue picked up “Jenny”, who sustained multiple injuries and a broken back leg that required surgery and pins placed in her leg. She was taken to Dr. Federico G. Latimer, DVM, MS in Jupiter, Florida. Dr. Latimer performed surgery on Jenny and saved her life.

OCSO’s IT Director Angel Moncada was able to retrieve the pictures showing the suspect throwing Jenny over the fence at Animal Control on that January, 2017 evening.

Angel went home and shared the story with his family, including his daughter Samantha, age 12. Samantha plans on attending school to become a veterinarian. She wanted to meet the doctor that saved Jenny’s life.

Angel met Dr. Latimer at court proceedings for the suspect (who was arrested and convicted for animal abuse). Angel began talking to Dr. Latimer and brought up about Samantha’s aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. Dr. Latimer invited them to his office.

Angel and Samantha visited Dr. Latimer‘s office. Not only did Dr. Latimer invite her in his office, he let her observe while he performed surgery on a pet. Samantha also found out while at Dr. Latimer’s office that Jenny has found her forever home and is doing well!

Thank you Dr. Latimer for saving Jenny’s life and good luck to Samantha on becoming a veterinarian!

Michele Bell, PIO

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