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Class #149 Graduation

Sheriff Noel E. Stephen and OCSO Senior Staff Chaplain Joe Bishop were guest speakers at the #149 Law Enforcement Academy Class graduation on February 14, 2018.

Sheriff Stephen addressed the graduates, “I want to say what an honor it is to be speaking before you today. I want to congratulate each of the graduates this afternoon for holding their course, applying themselves and accomplishing their mission, graduating the Law Enforcement Academy. Now it has come time to set forth another goal…it might be to get hired on with an agency or be the best LEO you can be. Whatever it is, make one to challenge yourself. That very challenge was made to me almost 31 years ago when I was graduating Indian River in 1988. I am now blessed with being the Sheriff of Okeechobee County.”

Sheriff Stephen went on to talk about two topics, integrity and vigilance. “Both of these have allowed me to be very well respected among fellow officers and the community but more importantly, have kept me alive both mentally and physically.”

In closing, Sheriff Stephen stated, “You men and women have your 31 year, or more, careers ahead of you. It will be only what you make it. Grab it, embrace it and take care of it. Godspeed my fellow brothers and sisters. My door is always open should you need me. Be safe and carry off duty!”

Brother Joe Bishop gave the invocation for the ceremony and in closing gave the benediction, saying a prayer for the graduating class.

Congratulations #149 Law Enforcement Academy Graduates!

Michele Bell, PIO

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