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For the third consecutive year, Governor Rick Scott is recognizing first responders and their families by proclaiming January 9-13, 2017 as Florida First Responder Appreciation Week. First responders play a critical role in keeping our communities safe, and all Floridians benefit greatly from the services they provide. Governor Scott is encouraging all Floridians to take the time out of their day to show first responders and their families how much we value their service to our cities, counties, and state. Schools and colleges can take this opportunity to help our state’s students express their gratitude for the sacrifices that first responders make to protect and assist Floridians.

Today Seminole Elementary invited the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office for breakfast in honor of First Responder Appreciation Week. The teachers and parents helped the children prepare the breakfast. Meanwhile the children served all first responders.

“A great breakfast prepared by the staff at Seminole Elementary this morning and we were served by the student council”, stated Cpl. Michael Hazellief.

We’d like to thank everyone for not only breakfast but for the cards and letter from the children.

Michele Bell, PIO

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