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When Emergencies Happen...

Emergency Contact Information is as close as your Florida driver's license!


In 2006, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) developed the FREE and voluntary Emergency Contact Information program originally known as TIFFs Initiative.

Using ECI, people who are injured and cannot respond have an accelerated way for emergency responders to come to their aid. Statistics from the National Association of Emergency Medicine show:

  • National average for emergency notification is more than 6 hours

  • 16 million people are treated for trauma annually

  • Every 1.9 seconds someone is transported by ambulance


Now, emegency contact information, provided by Florida residents, can be embedded on either the Florida Driver's License or the Florida ID Card. The information is stored and secured by DHSMV and can be accessed only by Law Enforcement.

By January 2010 over 3.2 million Florida residents voluntarily registered and ECI was accessed over 600,000 time by law enforcement for emergency notifications.

The Sheriff encourages every Okeechobee County resident to register online to ensure your family members, or other loved ones are notified immediately in the event you are involved in an accident.

Click Here To Register Online

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