Sheriff Paul C. May is proud to announce the "Employees of the 4th Quarter" of 2013.

Four employees and one squad were recognized for the fourth quarter of 2013. There are four categories for which employees may be recognized: Administration Employee, Citizen Volunteer, Detention Deputy and Law Enforcement. The recipients are as follows:

Administration Employee – Tammy Cale

Citizen Volunteer – James Garner

Detention Deputy – Chad Mills

Law Enforcement – Cari Arnold

Unit Citation – A Squad Communications (Dispatch)


Tammy Cale was nominated by Sgt. Mark Garland, who stated, "Tammy is dedicated to her work and is always willing to assist when necessary. She is never too busy to answer questions or look up information when asked to do so. She has also been commended by FDLE for her timely submission of the fingerprint cards."


James Garner was nominated by Lt. Scott Deloney. Lt. Deloney stated, "James is a member of More to Life. He has worked hard to help reach the inmates in the County Jail. His program has been so well received by the inmates that we had to separate the Pods into two separate groups due to space limitations. James has also added an additional Bible study program for each Pod. I want to say thanks to James Garner who tries to help and hopefully reach at least one person. If more people were like him this world would be a better place."


Chad Mills was nominated by Sgt. Mark Garland, Sgt. Randy Worth and Lt. John R. Rhoden. "Officer Mills has went above and beyond his job duties. Recently he has conducted many searches and removed several bags of homemade alcohol, along with many other items of contraband. In one of the searches he found three weapons, two were sharpened with handles and the other was a metal pipe that was in the process of being sharpened. It is expected that Detention Deputies conduct regular searches, but Mills exceeds this expectation and is constantly conducting searches to find this type or any other type of contraband. Mills' hard work and dedication to his job is definitely making this jail a safer place to be for both staff and inmates."


Cari Arnold was nominated by Captain Gary Bell. While on duty November 23, 2013 D/S Arnold was placed on a call regarding a suspicious person propositioning young females. After gathering the information she was able to locate the suspicious person within a short amount of time. Have him indentified and arrested. Having been so diligent and vigilant in her duties she was able to prevent anyone further from being a victim.


"A" Squad Communications(Corporal Kelly Lancaster, Communication Officers Savannah Yates and Eric Till) was nominated by Karla Pittman and Lt. K.J. Ammons. Both stating, "After an automobile accident that included both fatalities and severely injured, dispatch was having difficulty finding a medical helicopter that would fly due to weather conditions where they were stationed. With desperation and a miracle they were able to obtain a medical helicopter to fly the severely injured to Lawnwood Medical Center. All these tasks were accomplished due to the fact that this Squad worked as a team keeping their composure, with diligence and professionalism."
Sheriff May said of these employees, "These employees do a wonderful job, day in and day out. I'm very proud of each and every one of them. I could not ask for better people to work with. We all hear about it when one of our employees does something wrong, but they do a lot right. There is hardly a day that goes by that, either by telephone or in person, that a citizen does not tell me of a good experience they had with one of my employees. I am very proud of that."
Congratulations to all of the nominees and the recipients of these awards.