Seven Okeechobee business employees were issued summons for selling alcohol to an underage person as part of an Okeechobee Narcotics Task Force sting operation.

Alcohol compliance checks were conducted at multiple establishments, where an underage person was sent into stores with instructions to attempt to purchase alcohol.
People who sold were issued summons to appear in court and citations were issued by the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office.
Businesses where alcohol was sold to an underage person were: BP Store, 8605 Hwy 441 SE; Marathon Gas Station, 5600 Hwy 70 East; Bill's Mini Mart 3007 Hwy 70 East; Circle K, 400 SR 98 North; Shell Station, 3609 Hwy 441 SE; Max Food Store, 3621 SE 34 Avenue; and Texaco Station, 4993 Hwy 441 South.
Other businesses that were in compliance included 15A Drive Thru, 441 SE; Town Star Posey's Corner, SR 70 East; Town Star, Hwy 710; Mosquito Creek Grocery, Hwy 70 East and Shady Rest Grocery.

Sheriff Paul May said of the operation, "We wanted to do this operation before the prom and school letting out for the summer, to see how easy it would be for underage persons to purchase alcoholic beverages. We visited 12 locations where alcoholic beverages are sold and 7 sold to an underage person. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This time we issued criminal citations to appear in court to the clerk who sold to these minors, the next time they will be physically arrested and booked into the jail. We are listing the names of the stores who sold to minors and I think it is important to list the ones that did not. The ones who asked for ID's and refused the minors, from the whole community I say thank you, but to every place in Okeechobee County that sells alcoholic beverages we are going to do this again in the very near future. Please believe me, this is going to stop."