Eleven employees were recognized for the first quarter of 2014. There are four categories for which employees may be recognized: administration employee, citizen volunteer, Detention Deputy and Law Enforcement. The recipients are as follows:

Administrative Employee – Joan Johnson
Citizen Volunteer – Cary McKee
Detention Deputy – Deputy Debbie Terry
Law Enforcement-Sgt. Rob Coleman, D/S Matt Crawford, D/S Joe Gracie


Joan Johnson

Joan Johnson was nominated by Detective Rosemary Farless and Lt. Brad Stark. "During Joan's employment with the Sheriff's Office, she has encountered many cases of child abuse, child neglect and tragedies involving both children and their families such as domestic assaults, drowning deaths and vehicle accidents. It takes a special person to deal with any case involving children; however, every time she is asked to respond and assist with an investigation, she is always there to help", stated Lt. Stark.
"Recently deputies responded to a call of a three year old drowning victim. Joan responded where she met and stayed with the parents. After the child was pronounced deceased, Joan stayed with the child, at the parent's request, until being transported. Although deceased, the mother did not want her baby to be left alone. Joan went above and beyond her duties as a civilian, to comfort the parents of this dead child", stated Rosemary Farless.
Joan was recently chosen as the Victim's Advocate for the 19th Judicial Circuit on


Cary McKee

Cary McKee was nominated by Lt. Brad Stark, for Volunteer of the Quarter. "I have seen Cary many times entering the Okeechobee County jail with his Bible in his hand to minister to the inmates. I'm sure there are many other places he could be, however Cary is a unique person who not only dedicates himself to his own congregation, but I have also seen him involved in many charitable and community oriented activities. He is always willing to speak with anyone at any time. His dedication to the Sheriff's Office is greatly appreciated by both the inmates and the officers."


Debbie Terry

Debbie Terry was nominated by Sgt. Mark Garland, who stated, "Despite the recent transitions within the transport division, Deputy Terry has done a great job of meeting the challenges by keeping everything running as smoothly as possible. In the absence of a direct supervisor, she has assumed the responsibilities and duties associated with that position, and has performed well."


Mark Margerum

Deputy Mark Margerum was nominated by Cpl. Donald Ellis, for Law Enforcement Officer of the quarter. "Deputy Margerum did an outstanding job taking the lead in an incident that involved a child that had been taken by an individual high on methamphetamines. The abductor stated the child was a demon and he knew what he had to do with the child. The child was taken into a wooded area and if Deputy Margerum and his coworkers had not located the suspect and the juvenile, who knows that the outcome for the juvenile would have been", stated Cpl. Ellis.

Sgt. Rob Coleman, D/S Max Waldron, Cpl. Chris Hans, Cpl. Randy Thomas, D/S Matt Crawford, D/S Brian Cross and D/S Matt Grumbling were all nominated for a Unit Citation by Captain Bell. "I write this letter on behalf of the listed deputies. A suspect was wanted and on the run. The suspect did in fact shoot a weapon near or at a victim. The deputies met with the Narcotics Unit and together carried out a plan with safety in mind. The end result was the suspect being put in jail, and a lengthy crime spree coming to an end. This was a very good Law Enforcement effort and should be recognized as such. Job Well Done', stated Captain Bell.

Sheriff May said of these employees, "I am very proud of these employees and am happy to recognize them for things they have done. These employees come to work every day with a thought of helping someone on their mind. It is truly my honor to have them work for me."

Congratulations to all of the nominees and the recipients of these awards.