Cell Phone Applications 

Smartphones continue to change daily. The apps that are available offer a world of resources at the touch of a button. The following is a list, with a brief description:

  • Ping4Inc's- Instantly notifies people of dangers and emergencies wherever they are in the world
  • Operation Predator- Enables users to receive alerts about wanted predators, to share the information with friends via email and social media tools...
  • CPR Training- PocketCPR training app; can be used in all CPR training or individual practice
  • SayHi Translate- Interpreter, talk to your phone and hear your words back in a different language
  • Bipper'sbSafe- Acts as a panic button for users to notify 911 instantly
  • Accident Wizard- Offers free, instant, on-the-scene live assistance to accident victims
  • IcePics- Know where your child or teenager is at any moment by calling them and asking them to take a picture using the new iPhone app (IcePics-In Case of Emergency Pictures)

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