Nicole Owens and Scott Videl were each presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.

On February 26, 2016, 9 year old Clayton Wolf was walking to a friend’s house. Neighbor Nicole Owens heard a terrifying scream and ran down her driveway to see what the screams were about. As she got to the gate she could see several dogs and one was attacking Clayton. Nicole ran up and grabbed the dog. The dog then turned and bit Nicole. Another neighbor, Scott Videl heard screaming and dogs barking. He grabbed his keys and a golf club, jumped into his truck and went to the area  the screams and barking were coming from. He saw a dog attacking Nicole and Clayton. Scott was able to fend off the dog from attacking any more until help arrived. Nicole and Clayton have each recovered from the attack.

Undersheriff Noel Stephen stated, “The Sheriff's Office wanted to recognize these citizens for going above and beyond.  Their actions, without a doubt, saved this young man’s life!  We get so busy with life to just say "Thank you" sometimes and this was the least we could do.”

Thank you to Nicole and Scott for your quick actions and selfless act of heroism.

(pictured left to right, Undersheriff Noel Stephen, Nicole Owens, Clayton Wolf, Scott Videl and Animal Control Sgt. Arlene Durbin)