On February 02, 2014, Taylor County Sgt. Robert Lundy was at a dealership in Perry FL. waiting for his Patrol vehicle to be repaired when a gunman opened fire there. Sgt. Lundy took quick action without thought for his own safety and eliminated the threat against innocent citizens. As a result of his bravery and quick action, many people were saved. During this incident however, Sgt. Lundy was shot in the chest/abdomen area and was gravely injured.

The night that Sgt. Lundy came into our lives, it was raining. Sgt. Lundy could not be transported by air and had to come via ambulance. Taylor County Sheriff’s Office contacted our agency to let us know that Sgt. Lundy’s condition was very grave and that he would be transported through our County to Shands. ACSO deputies met Sgt. Lundy’s ambulance and his co-workers at the County line and safely delivered them to Shands Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. From that first contact, Sgt. Lundy and his family became part of our ACSO family. Many, many people from this agency have supported and showed love to the Lundy family while they were here for months as Sgt. Lundy recovered from his injuries. Many of you cooked for the family, visited, and donated money and other items to ensure that they were taken care of. The family was so very appreciate of all of your support and generosity!

Now Sgt. Lundy and his family will be back with us again next week as they deal with another surgery he must have due to complications. Many ACSO employees have kept in touch with the Lundy family throughout their ordeal. Now his ACSO family will again be with him during his time of need as he and his family deal with the emotional and financial stress associated with another stay here in Gainesville over the next several weeks. There is a Go Fund Me account set up if you are able to donate. The link is: http://www.gofundme.com/z5nd49h6p . Your generosity will help to keep Sgt. Lundy’s family close as he recovers. Thanks in advance for whatever you are able to give to support this hero! Please click on the go fund me link for further information.