On Friday May 8, 2015, Deputy William Jolly of the Okeechobee County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to 19540 NW 298th Street, Okeechobee FL in reference to an information complaint.

Upon arrival contact was made with the complainant who advised someone had created a fake facebook page (Prairie Trail Riders, LLC) which was very similar to his business facebook page, Prairie Trail Riders LLC. He continued by saying that there is a video on the page showing someone beating a horse. "If you look at the video you can tell it's not me. I can show someone the video if they want to see it. I talked to the man that built my website and he said whoever did this broke the law. I just need something done because this could possibly hurt my business. I did have an issue with a woman about a horse recently and I am afraid she might be the person involved. She lives in Miami, I will get a phone number for whoever I talk with."

On Saturday, May 9, 2015, Deputy Jolly was dispatched to the same location in regards to an animal complaint involving eleven (11) abused horses. Animal Control was contacted and responded to inspect the horses and their living conditions.

horse1  horse2  


The case was then turned over to Detective Sport Pickering. After examining the horses and their living conditions, Detective Pickering advised Animal Control to remove the horses from the property. A local veterinarian was then summoned to examine the horses and diagnose their health. Each horse was found to be malnourished along with multiple abrasions.


Detective Pickering filed for a warrant for the arrest of James "Bo" Sharpe for eight (8) counts of Animal Cruelty, third degree felonies and three (3) counts of Animal Cruelty, first degree misdemeanors. Bond was set at $23,000.00.

Sharpe turned himself into the Martin County Sheriff's Office on May 15, 2015. At the time of this writing, Sharpe was still in custody, with preparations to post bond.