Sheriff Paul C. May is proud to announce the "Employees of the 1st Quarter" of 2015.

Four employees and two squads were recognized for the first quarter of 2015. There are four categories for which employees may be recognized: administration employee, citizen volunteer, Detention Deputy and Law Enforcement. The recipients are as follows:

Administrative Employee – Gayle Estes
Citizen Volunteer – Jerry Trout
Detention Deputy – D/D David Rogers
Law Enforcement – D/S Yero Todman
Squad - Road Patrol B Squad(Sgt. Paul Ferrell, Cpl. Matt Hurst, D/S Grumbling, D/S Bryan Holden, D/S Ryane Ammons
Squad - Road Patrol D Squad(Lt. Shannon Peterson, Sgt. Chris Hans, D/S Marcus Collier, D/S Paul Jackson, D/S Joey Hall, D/S Cody Hurst)



Gayle Estes was nominated by Connie Curry. "Gayle has taken on additional job duties by working visitation when needed. She also managed the inmate canteen by herself for six weeks due to a medical absence of another employee. She has accepted the cross training assignment and is training a new employee to work in canteen. Her cooperation during this transition is greatly appreciated," stated Connie.


jerry trout

Jerry Trout was nominated by Captain Gary Bell. Captain Bell stated, "I would like to nominate Jerry for Citizen volunteer of the first quarter. Jerry is actively involved with the COP program and dedicates many hours to out agency. He is always willing and helpful with a positive attitude when asked to do anything."


david rogers

David Rogers was nominated by Sgt. Iris Marrero, who states, "I would like to nominate Deputy David Rogers. I can always count on David to show up for work with a positive attitude. He doesn't complain when we are short shift and he has to take on extra duties or work different assignments. He is an excellent asset to this department and my squad. Thank you Deputy Rogers for all your hard work. I appreciate all you do for us."



Captain Gary Bell nominated Deputy Sheriff Yero Todman for officer of the quarter. "Todman always shows up to work with a positive attitude. He hustles and does his job the way it is supposed to be done with no questions when given a task", stated Captain Bell.


Also this quarter, two squads were recognized for their performance.


IMG 2976

Road Patrol Squad B-Nominated by Captain Bell who stated, "On Friday, April 3, 2015, Good Friday, Sgt. Paul Ferrell, Cpl Matt Hurst, D/S Matt Grumbling, D/S Bryan Holden and D/S Ryan Ammons went above and beyond in their duties. They were accompanied by Tiffany Hurst, Casey Hurst, Hannah Ferrell and Luke Enfinger. This group took it upon themselves to help a 92 year old lady with cleaning up a mess that was left by a subject that took advantage of her. The subject had defrauded her out of $11,000.00 and had only cut the tree down, leaving the mess for her to deal with. This group of outstanding individuals, took the task on their own and cleaned the mess up on their day off. They were also assisted by Waste Management who donated a container and disposal fees. I would like to recommend the deputies for a unit citation for their outstanding service to the citizens of Okeechobee County. The actions of the citizens that helped should also e recognized."


042015 unit citation

Road Patrol Squad D-Nominated by Captain Bell. "I would like to take this time to nominate D Squad for a unit commendation. On 3/19/15 they responded and handled a suicide attempt with a weapon. The subject did in fact shoot himself in the upper mouth area with a pellet gun. Not knowing what was taking place, they put a very good tactical plan together, and made sow entry. They did find the subject lying on the bed with a weapon on his chest. They were able to gain control through verbal commands and get the medical help as well as mental help the subject needed. They used the tools that were provided to them, and this is an example of good sound tactical principle. Job Well Done", stated Captain Bell.

Sheriff May said of the awards, "I'm very proud of our employees who do a wonderful job every day. This past quarter these employees excelled and I appreciate what they did for our office and our county."

Congratulations to all of the nominees and the recipients of these awards.