Volunteer of the Year – Lt. Jason Egger


Lt. Jason Egger was nominated by Capt. Pearce. He stated, Lt. Egger has been an outstanding member of the OCSO Auxiliary. He is always available and contributes unselfishly to the auxiliary program.


Administrative Employee of the Year – Jason Knapp and Joseph Smith

jason joseph

Jason and Joseph were nominated by Lt. Brad Stark. "Both have been busy with renovating the computer system throughout the agency. Joseph has just recently taken care of issues with the cellular phone backup system and installed programs that have been needed by investigations. Both Jason and Joseph are easy to contact and pleasant to talk with while discussing technical issues", stated Lt. Stark.


Detention Deputy of the Year – Justin White


D/D Justin White was nominated by Lt. Rhoden and Sgt. Garland. They stated, he has great work ethic and a positive attitude. In addition to his normal duties throughout the community as the work squad supervisor, he is always willing to help out in firearms training as a firearms instructor. He has been a great asset to us and consequently to the agency as well.


Law Enforcement Officer of the Year – D/S Mark Margerum

mark margerum

Deputy Mark Margerum was nominated by Cpl. Donald Ellis, for Law Enforcement Officer of the quarter. "Deputy Margerum did an outstanding job taking the lead in an incident that involved a child that had been taken by an individual high on methamphetamines. The abductor stated the child was a demon and he knew what he had to do with the child. The child was taken into a wooded area and if Deputy Margerum and his coworkers had not located the suspect and the juvenile, who knows that the outcome for the juvenile would have been", stated Cpl. Ellis.


jua 35

35 years of service
Juanita White



30 yr

30 years of service
John L. Rhoden



rodney15 yr

15 years of service
Arlene Durbin
Donald Coleman
Rodney Rucks



10 yr

10 years of service
Kathy Schwach
Bryan Lowe
Randy Worth
Sheriff Paul May
Donald Trent
Debra Courson
Dennis Donnelly
John Fisher



5 yr

5 years of service
Nathaniel Mitchell
Justin White
Donna Watson
Eric Till