4th Quarter 2014
Citizen Volunteer
Sgt. Crispin Bottari



Sgt. Crispin Bottari was nominated by Chaplain Joe Bishop. Brother Joe, stated that a call was received from an agency in Washington asking that we locate family members of a recently deceased brother. The portion of the address that was noted was not enough to locate. Through diligence and efforts the family was located, Sgt. Bottari along with D/S Harden never once waivered from the task at hand. Upon arriving at the family's location the officers far surpassed mere professional. They gave the family genuine compassion and gentle care, consoling them upon the news of their deceased family member. The family thanked them repeatedly. For this I offer my highest praise!

4th Quarter 2014
Administrative Employee
Cindy Kemp


Cindy Kemp was nominated by Lt. Hortman and Sgt. Garland. Lt. Hortman and Sgt. Garland, stated that she is always willing to go above and beyond her regular work duties to help in any way she can. She is a huge asset to the department.

4th Quarter 2014
Detention Deputy
D/D Glen Bishop


D/D Glen Bishop was nominated by Sgt. Mark Garland. Sgt. Garland, stated he is knowledgeable, a great communicator, punctual, dependable and fills in where it is needed on his shift. D/D Bishop is very easy to work with.

4th Quarter 2014
Law Enforcement Officer
D/S Kristen Gray


D/S Kristen Gray was nominated by Sgt. Shannon Peterson. Sgt. Peterson, stated that on October 23, 2014 D/S Gray, while field training D/S Quinton Speed observed a suspicious truck pulling a goose neck trailer that was loaded with a fork lift. She believed that is should be investigated further. She discovered that the vehicle's trailer had faulty equipment. When conducting a traffic stop the vehicle fled and tried to side swipe her vehicle. The driver was later apprehended and it was discovered that not only was the fork lift recently stolen, that the truck had been stolen almost a year prior. Even though D/S Gray's trainee was operating her vehicle she demonstrated at the highest level what a good FTO does, by not only keeping herself safe but keeping her trainee safe and focused. If it wasn't for her exceptional cop sense this truck and equipment would have never been recovered.

4th Quarter 2014
Unit Citation
Crisis Negotiation Team
(Lt. Brad Stark, Sgt. Randy Worth, Cpl. Mike Hazellief, D/D Chris Dodd)

crisis neg

The Crisis Neg. Team was nominated by Capt. Bell. Capt. Bell, stated that on December 15, 2015 there was an incident that occurred in TCI that required the call out of the CNT team. They arrived quickly and got the briefing and began negotiations. They stayed diligent and made the best use of their time and decisions they made.